Testimony Archive: 124th Legislature

This page contains only matters that came before the 124th Legislature. To see other archived sessions, return to the Testimony Archive Index. For testimony regarding matters before the current legislature, go to the main testimony page.

LD 56 An Act to Join the Interstate Compact on the National Popular Vote. LWVME Neither For Nor Against

LD 129 Resolve, Directing the Secretary of State To Conduct a Pilot Program for Early Voting for the November 2009 Election. LWVME Neither For Nor Against

LD 205 An Act to Repeal the Maine Clean Election Act. LWVME Opposed

LD 310, An Act Regarding Grassroots Lobbying. LWVME Neither For Nor Against

LD 679, An Act to Allow a Court to Award Attorney's Fees in Successful Freedom of Access Appeals. LWVME in Support

LD 1020, An Act To End Discrimination in Civil Marriage and Affirm Religious Freedom. LWVME in support.

LD 1111, An Act to Promote Transparency and Accountability in Campaigns and Governmental Ethics. LWVME in Support

LD 1169, An Act to Amend the Election Laws. LWVME in Support

LD 1170, An Act to Enhance the Accuracy of Maine Election Results LWVME in Support

LD 1210 An Act Pertaining to Volunteer Lobbyists for Nonprofit Organizations LWVME Opposes and

LD 1448 An Act to Exempt Volunteer Lobbyists from State Disclosure Requirements LWVME in Support