Testimony Archive: 125th Legislature

This page contains only matters that came before the 125th Legislature. To see other archived sessions, return to the Testimony Archive Index. For testimony regarding matters before the current legislature, go to the main testimony page.

Here are the bills where LWVME offered testimony last session. See Legislation of Interest for a list of additional bills that we tracked in 2011 and 2012.

Campaign Finance

LD 120 An Act To End Taxpayer-funded Campaigns for Gubernatorial Candidates: LWVME Opposed. Killed in committee.

LD 659 An Act To Repeal the Maine Clean Election Laws: LWVME Opposed. Dead.

LD 848 Resolve, Directing the Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices To Study Modifying the Maine Clean Election Act: LWVME Supports. Passed.

LD 1870 Supplemental Budget. LWVME Opposed. Signed into law.

Elections and Voting Rights

LD 199 An Act To Strengthen Maine's Election Laws by Requiring Photograph Identification for the Purpose of Voting: LWVME Opposed. Passed as amended: Resolve, Directing the Secretary of State To Study Voter Participation and Registration and the Conduct of Elections in the State.

LD 203 An Act To Assist Municipal Clerks by Providing Adequate Time To Register Voters: LWVME Opposed. Dead.

LD 503 Resolve, Directing the Secretary of State To Examine the Issue of a Run-off Election for Governor: LWVME Neither For Nor Against. Dead.

LD 607 RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Require the Governor To Be Elected by a Majority Vote: LWVME Neither For Not Against. Dead.

LD 1126 An Act To Require That the Governor Be Elected by the Ranked-choice Voting Method. LWVME Supports. Dead.

LD 1376 An Act To Preserve the Integrity of the Voter Registration and Election Process. LWVME Opposed. Signed into law. Repealed by People's Veto.

Ethics and Disclosure

LD 1150 An Act To Improve the Administration of the Legislative Ethics Laws. LWVME Supports. Signed into law.


LD 31 An Act to Protect the Safety of Maine Children by Requiring the Express Consent of a Legal Guardian To Dispense Prescription Medication to a Minor: LWVME Opposed. Dead.