Ask your legislators to support the National Popular Vote 🏛️

Friday, October 20, 2023
Jen Lancaster

With a full head of steam, the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPV) continues to build momentum around the country and here in Maine.


NPV and National Efforts

65% of Americans support a National Popular Vote for President, according to a Pew Research Center Poll released in September 2023. That includes 47% of Republicans (up from 27% in 2016), and 63% of “moderate and liberal Republicans say they would back the country moving to a popular vote for president.”

Minnesota, with its 10 Electoral Votes, joined NPV earlier this year, bringing NPV to 205 of 270 of the Electoral Votes needed for enactment.

Michigan, with 15 Electoral Votes, is expected to vote on NPV within the next few weeks.

Florida has lost its swing state power and will see fewer campaign dollars being spent there. However, the Sun Sentinel editorial board endorsed NPV! Read their perspective here.


National Popular Vote in Maine

The Maine Legislature will pick up the NPV bill, LD 1578, in January 2024 when the second half of the 131st session officially begins. The bill is co-sponsored by Republican Senator Matthew Pouliot.

It's crucial to contact your legislators and ask them to support NPV. Don’t let your legislators use constituent silence as an excuse for not supporting the National Popular Vote. Tell them that you expect their support for the NPV bill, LD 1578, when it comes before them. Click here to get started


It's a good thing. Here's why.

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact will:

  • Guarantee the presidency to the candidate who gets the most votes in all 50 states and DC.
  • Apply the one-person-one-vote principle to presidential elections.
  • Give candidates a reason to campaign in all 50 states, because every voter, in every state, will be politically relevant in every presidential election.
  • Increase voter turnout.
  • Help ensure the peaceful transfer of power in presidential elections.

Get invovled.

Let’s build momentum in Maine! Legislators in Augusta need to hear how important LD 1578 is and that it's something Mainers want. So what can you do to help?

  1. Contact your legislator. Ask them to support NPV and pass LD 1578 in 2024. It only takes a few seconds. If you have more time, add your own perspective. It makes all the difference. Click here to get started
  2. Write a Letter to the Editor. Submit a letter to the editor to your community newspaper or one of Maine’s major dailies. Here are samples that you can use
  3. Spread the word. Encourage your family and friends to contact their legislatures, no matter where they live: 
    Have additional questions? We're here to help. Email us at