Action Under the Dome for Monday, April 29

Monday, April 29, 2024
Jen Lancaster

It's Monday, April 29.

Adjournment has come and gone, so what's left to do this legislative session? There are still a number of bills at stake, with over a hundred stuck in legislative limbo. These are bills that come with a price tag and require funding, but they require legislative action, and time has run out. It’s not clear whether there’s the will to bring the Legislature back into session to “run the table.”

We're also still watching and waiting for a "veto day" to get scheduled. The Governor has 10 days from when bills are enacted to sign or veto them, or they become law without her signature. The Legislature can try to override any vetoes on "veto day."

Stay tuned for our legislative session recap, and in the meantime, sign up here for our Legislative Wrap-up Webinar, featuring some of our advocacy experts here at the League. 


It's been a historic run for gun safety bills. Mainers will never forget the unprecedented shooting event in Lewiston, and this year, Mainers stood up for reform in record numbers. Since 1990, the League of Women Voters has held the position that the proliferation of handguns and semi-automatic assault weapons is a major threat to health and safety. Thanks to the leadership of our Youth Council, we revamped our gun safety advocacy and joined the Maine Gun Safety Coalition. We are proud of our members for standing up for justice and saying enough is enough. 

Signed into Law:

  • LD 2007 — Tribal sovereignty bill: This bill was pared down to mostly cover criminal jurisdictions and recognize the Penobscot Nation's authority to regulate their drinking water.
  • LD 2224 — Governor's gun reform bill: Expands background checks for gun sales, adjusts Maine's extreme risk protection order (ERPO) laws, and establishes an Injury and Violence Prevention Program. 
  • LD 2237 — Strengthening public safety: This bill expands resources for those experiencing a mental health crisis and establishes an Office of Violence Prevention to promote effective means to reduce gun violence. 

Sitting on the Governor's desk:
The Governor has until the end of today, April 29, to sign or veto these bills. Otherwise, they will become law without her signature.

  • LD 2086 — Banning bump stocks: Bans the sale of bump stocks and other devices that increase the rate of fire of semi-automatic guns to the rate of fire of machine guns. 
  • LD 2238 — 72 waiting period: Those who purchase a new firearm have to wait 72 hours before they can receive it. 

Stuck in Legislative Limbo:
The following bills come with a price tag and require funding before they can be enacted. Will they receive their funding from the special appropriations table? We'll likely know...soon enough.

  • LD 1966  Expanding Clean Elections: This bill would include Clean Elections for District Attorney races. We know that Clean Elections public funding encourages more people to run for office and allows them to serve without being beholden to big donors or special interests – only to the voters in their own district. 
  • LD 2001 — Strengthen Wabanaki & African American Studies: This bill has been reworked to include pieces from LD 1642. This bill will establish an advisory council, provide professional development opportunities, and include resources to educators so that they can develop appropriate curricula for Maine schools. 

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